Our support group co-facilitators are paired:

  1. Physician, nurse, psychologist, social workers with PhD or MA degrees, or other behavioral specialists.
  2. Cancer survivors or caregivers that have travelled this journey.



We are looking for new co-facilitator positions

Our support group co-facilitators lead the groups in discussions about cancer survivorship (living before, during, and after cancer treatment). Our support groups meet monthly from 6 pm-7:30pm. There is a nominal stipend for these positions. 

• Head and neck cancer survivor support group co-facilitator (please see below for group information). 

• New Breast cancer support group co-facilitators:

  1. Social worker, psychologist, nurse, physician, or therapist. It is not a requirement that you are a breast cancer survivor 
  2. Breast cancer survivor 

The day and location of this group is to be determined.


If you are interested in any of the above listed positions, please contact Jay Burton at survivorshipprogram@gmail.com or 413-276-6100.