Cancer patients and survivors seek support at the Cancer House of Hope

Source: WWLP
Published: September 24, 2016

WEST SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Cancer patients and survivors seeking support were invited to a meeting Saturday at the Cancer House of Hope in West Springfield. 22News spoke with cancer survivors about their journey to recovery.

“I couldn’t “out-run”, I couldn’t “out-bike”, and I couldn’t “out-swim” cancer. It still got met. Even though I was a triathlete it still found me” said Cindy Sheridan Murphy, of West Springfield.

A workshop called “Each Moment We’re Alive” was held at the Center for Human Development Cancer House of Hope in West Springfield Saturday.

Joe Kane, the CHD Cancer House of Hope’s Program Director said, “Free comfort services for people with cancer as well as their family members and survivors.”

At the workshop survivors shared their stories, laughs, and listened to music.

For many cancer survivors I spoke with today one of their main hurtles that they ran into was after they got through their treatments, trying to find a support system that they could go to.

Cindy Sheridan Murphy was diagnosed with breast cancer two years ago. After going through the process of recovery she found that creating a future for herself was important. She now helps coach others through the process of looking for help.

Murphy said, “The significance is to help people see that there is a great life after cancer diagnosis, it’s to have the value and vision each day.”

Dr. Jay Burton started the non-profit Survivor Journeys, which works with the Cancer House of Hope, after realizing the impact emotional support can have.

“I’m a cancer survivor. I had acute myeloid leukemia in 2010, I had a stem cell transplant at that point, and during my year of convalescence after the stem cell transplant I recognized that as the primary care doctor, I knew who to call, when to call, how to get things done. Then I realized so many other people don’t have that ability.”

The Cancer House of Hope provides therapy, counseling and services throughout the week.

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