Helping navigate the intricate journey of cancer survivorship (Guest viewpoint)

Dr. Jay Burton of Springfield Medical Associates. (Dave Roback / The Republican)

By Op-Ed Commentary

By Jay Burton

Sunday is National Cancer Survivor's Day. It is a day to remember those who lost their battle with cancer and recognize those who are struggling and thriving with their cancer journey.

The most common definition of a cancer survivor is one who has been diagnosed with cancer. My interpretation is that this is correct as it is the time that one goes into survival mode to address this diagnosis.

My definition of cancer survivorship is all the things that go on in a cancer patient's life, inside and outside of medical encounters.

The easy part of cancer survivorship is actually the medical part. What I mean is there are blood and imaging tests to order, medication, radiation, and surgical treatments to do, and referrals to other physicians to help in care. There is a structure to this.

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