February, 15th 2019
More cancer patients are living longer. Few are getting the help they need to stay healthy
June, 20th 2018
Exercise could improve the life expectancy of adults who survive cancer as children, even if the activity begins years after treatments end, according to an inspiring new study.
May, 29th 2018
A cancer diagnosis can be a life-changing event, bringing a great deal of uncertainty to one’s life. Cancer treatment can affect the physical body in the forms of weight loss, weakness, or hair loss, and can also affect mental health and wellbeing.
June, 26th 2017
If you are starting chemotherapy, knowing what to expect and having some information on how to handle side effects, can make things easier. While your oncologist provides essential medical information and prescribes drugs to help control your reactions to chemotherapy, it is likely that they have never personally experienced it. As a result, they may have limited information about its side effects and non-medical ways to deal with them.