Survivor Journeys® offers free cancer survivor and caregiver mentoring in our area. A Cancer Survivor/Caregiver Mentor is a cancer survivor or caregiver trained to assist and support others with the initial emotional, psychological, and practical needs that can seem insurmountable after a cancer diagnosis. 

Survivor Journeys® offers this program as a way to connect individuals who have been recently diagnosed with cancer with one-on-one support from someone who has experienced the same diagnosis and similar course of treatment.

Survivor Journeys® will work to match the support seeker with survivors with similar demographics such as age, gender, and life situation. If we are unable to find an ideal match for someone locally, Survivor Journeys will tap into a national network, Volunteer Management in Cancer Care ( a consortium of programs in major cancer centers and other organizations) to search for the best match. This network includes access to over 10,000 survivor/caregiver mentors from around the country. 

To learn more and/or sign up, email us or call  413-276-6100.