Cancer survivorship is defined as living before, during, and after cancer treatment. To help cancer survivors live better lives research is important to help us learn more about how cancer and its treatments can effect us.

Survivor JourneysTM presents these research opportunities for you to consider as a participant. We have discussed the study directly with the principal researcher and we will only post this if we feel it will add much needed information to the cancer survivorship community. If you have further questions about any study please use the provided links.


Research Volunteer Needed

While cancer treatments have progressed, little is known about their long-term effects on functioning. Cancer related cognitive impairment (CRCI) is an obstacle for many survivors as they are transitioning from life with cancer to life in remission. While the physical body has healed, there is little attention placed on healing the mind. This is an important topic because many people have undergone cancer treatment and have been affected by this. The purpose of this study is to examine the effects of cancer treatments on long-term psychological health and mental functioning. By gaining a better understanding of cognitive impairment following cancer treatment, doctors will be better able to treat and educate current cancer patients. 

View the information or follow this link to participate in the study.